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Compare Money Transfer Services to India

Sending Money to India is easy. Money transfer through cheque by ordinary post takes five weeks. The fastest transfer is iKobo VISA Plus ATM card withdraw, where the money is available in 30 seconds. For most services, an Account Registrations is a requirement. Many banks and money transfer companies offer you little or no pricing detail. Banks and other fund transfer companies offering low fees or no commissions often hide their true costs with poor exchange rates. They might even advertise "no fees", but instead adjust their exchange rate to make up the difference. Most update their exchange rates only once a day, so you can get better rates only by negotiating (and only during their office hours). Find Easy & reliable way to compare money transfer to India, get the best exchange rates to india.

Perils of Money Transfer

  • No Refunds: Some of these companies will not give a refund in case of error , claiming inability to reconvert from rupees.
  • Exchange rate : Not all services provide the Best Exchange Rate. A Rs 1 difference in exchange rate would result in a Rs 1000 (Approx USD $15) difference for a Transfer of USD $1000 ! (ie Rs 65,000 instead of Rs 66,000).
  • Transaction limit : There may be limits on maximum amount that can be transferred. the limits could be per transaction per day, per week etc. so this service are not suitable for transfer amount $10,000 or more.

Comparison of Sending Money to India Services in Brief

  • Remit2India, offers customers an easy means to transfer money to India from 23 countries across the globe including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore and many more. Whether it is transferring money for your family’s needs/ buying a property or transferring to your NRE Account or towards donations, Remit2India offers you easy solutions
  • Free Money Transfers & Great Exchange Rates
  • Estimated Delivery Time-2 to 5 days
  • Online Status Tracker to view your Money Transfer Request status
  • 24*7 dedicated Customer Service to help you with your queries
  • Multiple Transfer Modes-Online ACH, Checks, Wire Transfers,..
  • Remit2India offers NRIs the convenience of the Internet combined with a secure platform and an unmatched price
  • Choose from multiple Delivery options-Direct Credit into any Bank Account in India, Demand Drafts or a Remittance Card. Over 6000 delivery locations including doorstep delivery
  • Credit or Debit card not accepted.

Western Union

Method 1: Money Transfer using U.S. bank issued Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.
  • Commission is slightly Higher.
  • Convenience: send cash directly over telephone.
  • Disadvantage: Credit card company may charge a cash advance fee.
Method 2: Remittance by Money Order.
  • Funds available immediately.

iKobo "i-Kard" ATM Card

After Registering for an account, iKobo sends the person receiving the money an i-Kard (ATM card). ATM card delivered in 2 to 3 days. The beneficiary uses the i-Kard at any Visa Plus ATM to withdraw the cash. The i-Kard is re-usable. Once the person has an i-Kard they can receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world - in less than 30 seconds.

  • ATM machines that display the VISA PLUS sign is required for cash withdrawal.
  • One time Courier fee for ATM card delivery.
  • New Entrant January 2001.
  • Hidden fee: ATM usage charge by the ATM owner.


  • Register for an account.
  • Provide recipients Information.
  • Pay by Credit Card or Debit card or e-check.
  • Punjab National Bank cheque delivered by Blue Dart within 48 hours.
  • Bank Checks (E-checks) typically take 5 days to clear and then take 48-72 hours to reach the recipient. Transfer fee for E-checks is only $7 for Transfer amount US $2001 to $2500.
  • Person-to-Person transactions only.
  • Local Courier service in 1200 large metros and towns, other places by registered mail.
  • Since Banks cannot convert from rupees to Dollars, Transactions are non-Refundable.
  • Cash advance fee (if any) charged by credit card company.
  • Once, a transaction is submited, your money is converted into Rupees by Punjab National Bank. Cash2India do not have permits to reconvert rupees into dollars to refund the amount.
This service is intended solely for Person to Person transactions only. If the check is addressed to a business or charity the check will not be mailed and you will not receive a refund.


  • Need a ICICI Bank account with minimum account balance of Rs 5,000(INR).
  • Free Money transfer to any account with ICICI Bank.
  • Offer of Best Exchange rate.

SBI Express Remit

  • SBI is one of the worst Indian banks in terms of services
  • SBI and IDBI both fit that tag of being Government Banks and the way they work shows very much every aspect of being a Government office. If you have ever banked with SBI, you never want your near ones to go through this
  • Instant remittances from SBI branches
  • Deposit the money directly in your Bank Account in India.
  • Demand Draft option for the amount of Remittance to the beneficiary.
  • SBI Limits on how much money you can send to India


  • Send money to bank accounts in India including ICICI, Punjab National Bank, HDFC, SBI, Axis Bank, Citibank and many more
  • Money deposited within 24 hours to most banks
  • When you send more than $1,000 and pay with your U.S.-based bank account

HDFC :: Quickremit

  • You can send money to your loved ones conveniently and securely by making transfers to their HDFC Bank Account or by issuing Demand Drafts to over 1650 locations across India.
  • Remit money easily with Cheque LockBox by mailing a cheque to your local mail box, in your local currency. The beneficiary in India too receives it without any hassles.
  • Funds Transfer through Cheques / Demand Drafts / Traveller’s Cheques

MoneyGram International Money Transfer.

  • Need for sender and receiver to visit an authorised agent during office hours.
  • Claim of Money being available within 10 minutes.
  • Available only in major cities or towns having an authorised service agent.


Funds are first upload to your MoneyBookers account, then withdrawn locally.
  • Upload Fees : International bank Transfer is Free, MasterCard/Visa 3%, e-gold is free.
  • Withdraw Fee : International Bank Transfer (split option) € 1.80, Cheque Drawn on an Indian Bank will cost € 3.50, e-gold is 3.75%.

Find the cheapest money transfer service. Review money transfer companies for sending money to India so that you save on international money transfers!