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We have all experienced times when our loved ones needed more money than they have, which is exactly when money transfers can be a saving grace. Money transfer agencies provide a speedy way for people to wire money quickly, online or at a money transfer branch. With thousands of locations in hundreds of Villages and Cities, you're sure to find one close to you. The Money Transfer process is very simple. You can log in from the comfort of your office or home, and complete the transaction with some added security checks. The money is delivered directly to the door of your beneficiary via a locally payable Demand Draft or it is directly credited into the account in India.

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Send Money to anywhere in India : Secure Money Transfers Guaranteed

  • Send Money to India from Canada, United States, Europe, UK, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, New Zealand & other Euro Countries
  • Direct Debit from any bank account
  • Send Money using multiple pay modes i.e. Check Transfers, Wire Transfers, Online Bank Transfers etc
  • Free Money Transfers*. Significantly cheaper than bank wire transfers
  • Delivery in as less as 4-5 working days compared to bank cheques that take 2-3 weeks
  • Millions of NRI customers using the money transfer service
  • 24x7 Toll Free Support with Online Tracking
  • Send to top Banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, cancaara bank and many more!
  • Direct Credit to over 87 Banks or Demand Draft sent to over 6000 locations
  • Rated as a Top Money Transfer Agency for NRIs
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Western Union Money Transfer

various options to send and receive money.

  • Money can be sent online, in person, or by phone. Home Delivery
  • Direct Pick-up from any of the 50,000 agent locations in India
  • Direct Deposit to the bank account if the bank is in the National Electronic Funds Transfer Network (NEFT).

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Sending money overseas from Spain?

Make sure you're aware of all the laws and regulations that could affect your international money transfer from Spain.

Most of the money transfer services allows you to use your debit account or bank account to send money to India from Spain. You can send money for family needs, investments, loan payments and to buy property. You can send money from anywhere and you have the option to send money via ACH, Online Transfer, NetBanking Transfer, Wire Transfer or Check Transfer paymodes.

No running around for you or your family - right from your desktop or your mobile to their doorstep! also send a free personal message, track the status of your Spain remittance online and get a confirmation of delivery.

It is important to understand that each financial institution or banking organizations or the Post Office will set their own daily rate of exchange based upon a market rate. Some banks have better rates than others, so monitor their published rates before choosing your service provider.

Banks and other fund transfer companies offering low fees or no commissions often hide their true costs with poor exchange rates. They might even advertise "no fees", but instead adjust their exchange rate to make up the difference.

If you are an NRI staying in a Spain and wish to send money to India, there's lot of money transfer services to india. Whether you wish to send money to your family in India or to buy a property, you can find easy and affordable solutions for you. That's not all, you can expect great exchange rates on every transaction of yours. You can also choose from multiple sending options that include Online transfers, Wire Transfers or Guaranteed Rate Transfers.

Disadvantages of Banking Transfers

  • You mail the check (cheque) abroad to the recipient.
  • Check clearing can take from 4 - 6 weeks atleast.
  • Even though it's easy to issue a check, it may not be easy for the recipient to cash the check.
  • The recipient will be charged a fee for check processing.
  • Some countries have less streamlined banking systems than others and may not honor foreign drawn checks. Foreign Drafts
  • The money comes out of your account when the draft is prepared, not when the recipient gets it. (Money is held in the banking system for a longer time)